Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest living traditions of Martial training, Physical culture and self defence method in the World. The Kalaripayattu is derived from two words in Malayalam, Kalari and Payattu. Kalari means the place, where any particular art form is taught. Payattu literally means practice or exercise. In the present context it means in the traditional style of combat. It is the Martial Art form of Kerala, the Southern most state of INDIA.

VKM Kalari Sangham was established 25 years back by M.V. Balan Gurukkal,following the teachings of late Mahacharya V.K Madhavan Panikar Gurukkal. VKM is one of the leading Kalari schools of Kerala and is giving training in both Northern and the Southern systems of Kalaripayattu. This may perhaps be only Kalari of this type in Kerala blending both systems.

Here, training is given in a Kalari constructed according to the time honored principles of the Kalari traditions and according to accepted methods of worshipping the Kalari Gods and Guru, and performing the necessary rituals.

VKM Kalari Sangham is affiliated to the Kerala Kalaripayattu Association [Govt. of Kerala]. More and more foreigners visit VKM Kalari Sangham for studying and for seeing Kalaripayattu. Every day there is a demonstration from 7 pm to 8pm. The special visit to Kalari is allowed between 3pm to 7pm every Sunday evening. Those who are interested in watching Kalaripayattu can make use of this opportunity.

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